World Premiere

Fluid Silk

Fluid Silk was originally a solo piano piece composed while living in Zürich and premiered by Katrina in 1998 on the Interpretation Series in NY. 

This world premier performance on June 2 by North/South Consonance ensemble is a brilliant arrangement by William Susman for flute and string ensemble. The piece, dedicated to the great flautist Lisa Hansen, is inspired by Lake Zürich, a still lake with gentle ripples – Fluid Silk. In the opening section the ensemble flows along subtly phasing the 28-note pattern creating a meditative mood. The middle section is lyrical and includes a chorale before returning to the gentle ripples growing to a swelling wave. 

Piano Four Hands

3 Day Mix by Eleanor Alberga

A video performance by Katrina Krimsky and Sofie Siegmann.