List of Published Works 1981-2002 Charmed Quarks Music/BMI


All compositions for solo piano are by Katrina Krimsky
unless otherwise indicated.

Baroque Rag
Calico Scallop
Crystal Morning         
Elise’s Dream
Fluid Silk
Four Moons of Jupiter
Golden Gate Park
La Plage de Soleil
Neptune for violin/piano

Petnique Island
Piece for Harmonium No.1
Rhapsody for Two Pianos
Rhythm Circle
Song For Hans
Stella Malu
Villa In Brazil

Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts
Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts
(Version also available for Flute and Piano)

Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts
Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts
Katrina Krimsky/Barbara Higbie

Katrina Krimsky/Barbara Higbie
Trevor Watts

Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts
Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts

Scores are available through Frog Peak Music

Works composed for and dedicated to Katrina Krimsky include:


Bagatelle by Martin Bartlett 1993


Twenty One by D’Arcy Reynolds, Round Mountain Music 2002


Mosaico Latinoamericano by Max Lifchitz, North South Editions
(dedicated to Katrina and to Lisa Hansen, flautist)


Bell Solaris by David Rosenboom, David Rosenboom Publishing 1998
Click here and hear Katrina Krimsky play Movement IV, "Phaeton Reaches for the Speed of Light," from David Rosenboom's "Bell Solaris," twelve movements
for piano written for Krimsky and premiered at Merkin Hall, New York, in 1998.